18th November 2013

Demand for offices outstrips supply

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For the first time since 2007, a shortage of new and good quality office space is emerging in the West Kent region. If you're an occupier looking to upgrade your space in Sevenoaks or Tonbridge, you'll be hard pushed to find anything of decent quality on the market.


The improving outlook for the UK economy has given many occupiers the confidence to upgrade their working environment and to take on new staff. Our office agency team is in touch with many local businesses wanting to relocate, and which are frustrated as they simply cannot find the "right" building. With the lack of supply, we're having to be more creative and proactive, by using our market intelligence to match potential availability with specific occupier enquiries.

One sector which is not performing as well, is the market for poorer quality buildings. Take up of this "secondary" office space remains patchy with some highly competitive and flexible terms on offer from landlords.


David Robinson, Karrison Commercial's founder and managing director says

"the office market has emerged out of the recession as a two tier market. As demand for quality working environments continues to outstrip the supply, the inevitable consequence is rental growth. It also means that not everything actually reaches the "open market". We are able to secure good quality occupiers without necessarily having to openly advertise the space. It's therefore important for occupiers to maintain a regular dialogue with active local commercial agents."

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David Robinson

Managing Director