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Lease Consultancy - Tenant & Landlord

Lease events, including rent reviews, break clauses and lease expiries, provide opportunities to either minimise the costs of occupying a property or maximise the returns of ownership.

We provide impartial advice to both owners and occupiers of commercial property including offices, retail and industrial buildings. We keep pace with rental trends and market evidence as well as the ever-changing legal aspects and case law.

The blend of our negotiating skills, technical expertise and our perspective on the marketplace, allow us to deliver great results fulfilling our clients' occupational or investment objectives.

Most commercial property leases have a provision for the existing rent to be revised at regular intervals - typically every 5 years. We combine our technical expertise with a detailed scrutiny of the lease terms and an analysis of market evidence, advising on the right approach to achieve the best outcome.

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The end of a lease offers the opportunity to restructure the lease terms when the rent can go up or down. Although many lease renewals are governed by a statutory framework, an increasing number do not have such protection.

We work with both occupiers and owners helping them make the most of these opportunities and mitigate against risk, and provide strategic advice and support throughout the process.

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As a lease is a binding legal contract between an occupier and an owner, neither party is obliged to agree to any changes. However, varying existing lease terms can often provide commercial benefits to both tenant and landlord.

For tenants, we'll look at how this can unlock savings, and for owners, how this can improve the value of your investment.

Whilst a break clause within a lease provides an opportunity for businesses to review their occupational needs, they are often fraught with technical and legal complexities. Seeking early advice will allow us to help develop strategies to support business or property objectives.

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Karrison’s knowledge of the local market and experience in commercial property enabled us to negotiate a reduced rent and, at the same time, their handling of the negotiation process left both us and the landlord feeling that a fair deal was struck.

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